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How on earth did we come up with an idea like luxury drink snugs?

Well we looked around and saw fashion conscious women putting so much time and effort into their looks, buying designer labels, wearing high-quality materials, and clearly using statement pieces, but when they wanted to drink their soda, their water, or any cold beverage, they were left with two options, either cold hands or can coolies advertising various low-budget products and it just didn’t make sense. So, we thought why not make your snug a fashion statement too?

We designed and built the first few prototypes from a small studio apartment in Nashville, Tennessee and what began as friends asking for cat can coolies, with ears and a tail, continued all the way to the present-day Cecilia™ model and several others that will be available in the coming months.  Wonderful for gifts, you’ll treasure your Foster Jones product for years to come.

Foster Jones Founder and CEO, Wyatt Wallace

Foster Jones™ is the brainchild of Wyatt Wallace – an artist, entrepreneur and innovator who resides in Nashville, Tennessee. As a Founding Supporter of the Nashville Fashion Alliance, and with experience in the California-based luxury hotel scene, Wallace has a unique insight into the world of affluent comfort.

And that insight has helped him create not just a new product, but an entirely new category.

With an ever-expanding line of stylish and glamorous drink-insulating fashion, Foster Jones will provide the discriminating beverage lover an array of ways to foster both envy and joy.

And all while making you the undeniable center of attention.

If you’re interested in carrying Foster Jones products in your upscale retail locations, contact us.